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Jyoti Ranjan is a software engineer by profession but many facets are hidden by the job title. He posses a relentless attitude to strive surrounding environment including self with thoughts and ideas uncommon to many. Some call it innovation and lateral thinking. But, he always thinks that he is hardwired to live like that and does not do anything special.


Jyoti Ranjan possesses a Computer Science degree from one of the premier institutes in India, VNIT (formerly REC), and has overall 20+ years of experience. His employer has been purely R&D units of premier companies like Salesforce,  HP,  HPE Capgemini, and Bhabha Atomic Research. He has lived in many IT roles like Computer Scientist, Architect, Product Owner, Engineering Manager, Scrum Master, Senior Individual Contributor, Team Lead, and Software engineer. He has 4 US Patent Granted, 3 Patent Publications, and 12 Patent pending for Grant in cloud computing area. Also, he has many accolades and rewards during his tenure for excellence in his work. One of highlight of his professional achievement is he has never been rated less than 4 out of 5 in 20+ annual appraisals so far. He is a certified Scrum Master, a certified Product Owner, and a certified TOGAF L1 architect.


He posses a genuine passion for technology and the ability to consistently explore new territory with demonstrated ability to drive a team and contribute individually as required. He does not shy away from touching mud. In fact, he might be sprinting 100 LOC in C++/Java/Python right now. He greatly enjoys the leadership, architecture, and design aspects of software engineering to solve customer problems. He feels proud of depth and diversity in his life which has positively influenced him personally and professionally without losing the basic tenet of doing the same things but differently. The differentiated value he can bring to the table is Passion to innovate, Thought leadership amidst of technology landscape yet to evolve, and Going deep in design with neck to write code. He credits all his learning to his hard work more than intelligence and can burn 12 hours a day without any strain on his eyes.

He is well versed with more than half a decade of experience in domains like Cloud Computing, Block and Object Storage technology, Rela time system, and Industrial Automation. He can translate a solution of the customer's problem into artifacts like Customer presentation, Architecture, Design, Use case, Epic and User story, UX diagram, Code framework, Executable code, User manual, and Operation Guide with ease. He can create artifacts in C/C++/core Java/Python/Go/Ansible/JSON/Markdown. He has worked for more than 3 years in developing products using REST, gRPC, RAID algorithms technologies. Last decade he has primarily engaged with Cloud Computing and has hands-on experience in AWS (ECS, EKS, S3, and  EBS), Native Kubernetes, Microservice Architecture, Live Database Replication, Software-Defined Storage (VMWare vSAN, Ceph, Swift), Block Storage Products (EMC CLARiiON, HPE StoreVirtual, HPE 3PAR), OpenStack (especially Nova, Cinder, Swift, and Keystone). He is pretty hands-on with modern tools like Kubectl, Spinnaker, Github, Git, Gerrit, Jenkins, SonarQube, etc. Over a couple of decade, he has seen Waterfall, Test Driven Development, Iterative, Agile mode of software delivery.

Mindset, Attitude and Behavior


 Jyoti Ranjan is a strong follower and believer of the way of living philoshoy. He lives like a child-like mindset but is very averse to childish mistakes especially if repeated. Mistakes are very welcome and no one should complain if it is not repeated. As living life in fear with afraid of making a mistake is like constraining your wings of aspiration, ambition, and ability. Few philosophies close to his heart and mind which he tries to re-enforce every day are:

             One should have purity in heart and clarity in mind. Purity in the heart gives you the ability to live like a child. A  child is passionate as well as dispassionate (let go mindset).  Have you seen a child focused on goals, crying for specific things, fighting with friends, and the next hour forgetting everything and sharing his precious toy with the same person with whom he had a fight? At the same time, your brain should have clarity like the clean sky which can see learning from past mistakes, have eyesight like a snake for the present moment and an eagle view of the future. It was taught to him by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

           Be Socialist by heart and Capitalist by the mind. No organization of can sustains if capital prudence is not applied and no organization can give back to society if it does not distribute capital using a socialist mindset. It was taught to him by Infosys founder Narayan Murthy


              Wear out is better than Rust out any day. This is what made Jyoti Ranjan left a  very well-paid Computer Scientist job in a premier Government Organisation even after spending 7.5+ years of a successful career and getting all promotions and rewards. It was taught to him by his personal experience during his BARC stay.

3 things: Atomic habits, Urge to innovate and Hard work have no substitute. Do anything in life, you can sustain your relevance for the long due duration if your day-to-day living is not baked by atomic habits, urge to innovate and readiness to sweat by putting more hours even if you are born in the richest family, or educated for top-notch institution or have extra ordinary talent or have been lucky to be at right time in the right place. It was taught to him by the constant and conscious effort of self-realization, reading many books, and observing many great successful person in their respective field.

           Make an equilateral triangle among EQ, FQ, and IQ and keep enlarging the surface area of a triangle in the journey of life.  Always strive for balancing an Emotional Quotient (EQ), Financial Quotient (FQ), and Intelligent Quotient (IQ). In Hindu mythology, he calls to keep getting blessings from 3 goddesses: Durga (for EQ), Laxmi (for FQ), and Saraswati (IQ). At any point in time in life, your equilateral triangle might be scoreless but do not let it be obtuse with a very different edge length. If let it happen so, you are inviting misery sooner than later irrespective of how big the surface area of your obtuse triangle is. It was taught to him by life with a constant lookout for answers to questions like why a rich person is not always happy, why an extraordinary American is not always successful, why most powerful king lost his kingdom many times in his lifetime, why a poor guy who lives on daily earning is happier than a person whose bank balance is as much as total expense of poor guy etc.

Jyoti Ranjan is very hardworking with a constant search for doing the same things differently to get better productivity, better value proposition, or better collaboration. At this age also, he can give stiff competition in learning new things and spending more hours than fresher coming out of schools. A simple demonstration of this is that he has always picked a new domain every 5-7 years with a new set of technology, a new set of tools, a new team, and a new set of processes. Always, he has excelled in this. His communication style is always assertive and to the point which sometimes appears blunt.


He hates favoritism, any bias because of religion, cast, financial status. He likes good politics but hates bad politics and sometimes fails to assimilate it resulting in an expression of anger occasionally. He is constantly trying to resolve anger aspects by recognizing the fact that (1) 'Life is not always fair'  (2) 'Accept people and situations as they are' and (3) You can not control others but manage yourself.  He becomes like a happy child getting new toy if he is given a new and challenging problem backed by trust. He becomes dull, upset, and goes into retrospective mode if he sees bad politics around him not necessarily being played with himself.  And these events sometime trigger make him mad which in turn make him bad for short duration. He expects to be dealt with tender at that moment like you a child does expect.
If you are not honest, if you are not hard working, if you are of complaning mindset, if you play favoruitism and politics for short term benefit, it is better not to engage with him.



  • Studying, Investing and Analysing Indian Stock Market 

  • Cooking vegeterian foods like Samosa, Paneer Gravy, Kachori, Pav Bhaji, Pasta, Kheer, Paratha, Pulav etc.

  • Meditation and practiciing mindfulness, he sincerly regret not doing enough there

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

  • Spending time with casual discussion on various subject with friends over a snack 

  • Deep comprehention and learning of contemplary events and associated people if he come across 

  • Sports: Cricket, Badminton, Table Tenis

  • Moderate cycling of 10-15 KM in one stretch, a new thing he has got habituated to in last 1-2 years

  • Reading books,  preferrably on behavioral, sprirituality, equity and technology

  • Listening music with great lyrics

  • Watching movies of all genere (love, action, inspirationa etc) but filled with intense story like Beautiful Mind, 12 Angry Men, Prem Rog, Chakde, Lagan etc. 

  • Following successful person but select few like Rahul Dravid, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Hrithik Roshan etc

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect. Who knows, we might be destined to find  a gold mine  in the forest where people do not wnat to wanter normally. New thing is always an opportunity for me. 

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