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A seeker's journey!

Asked supreme,

What kind of cyclone of thoughts is inside me going on

He laughed and said to me;

You desire something

but, your path to achieving it is different;

You needed to beautify your personal life

but, you are canvassing someone's else life.

Asked him what do to?

He smiled and said to me;

Continue to believe in your ability to accept the people and situation as they are;

Appreciate those who see value in you;

Accept those who agreed to disagree forever to be stronger;

Cherish associations who nitpicked nouns and verbs to know everyone is evolving;

Respect who collaborated and stretched the extra mile ;

Laugh at who give you the feeling of being used and thrown as you are still useful;

Forgive who pinpoints mistake happened in spite of doing so much;

Finally, asked him how I should define myself in such an ecosystem?

he smiled and said;

Do not give a futile try to deliberately build image for yourself ;

Do not enforce teaching who are not seeking;

Know your mistakes, your thoughts and your problem do not define you;

Know your experience, your perspective your creativity describe you;

Know your personality, your attitude and your goals define you;

Be honest to self, rest will follow!

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