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Alo mentor!

Alo mentor! Alo mentor! Our trip is paused;

Alo mentor, your wish instigated my desire;

I blew up myself more and more, to make you outstanding;

But, you saw yearning!

Alo mentor, your powwow instigated my confidence;

I flew fearlessly, to outshine for you;

But, you saw endurance!

Alo mentor, your words instigated my desire to grow;

I contributed tirelessly, to be treated equally;

But, you saw the priority!

Alo mentor, your invitation instigated my vanity;

I was embarrassed carelessly, to be greeted like a mentor;

But, you saw a parenting challenge!

Alo mentor, your disappointment instigated my anger on others;

I fought vigorously, to make you win;

But, you left me unarmed!

Alo mentor, your reprisal instigated fear in me;

I spoke recklessly, to make you hear my pain;

But, you safeguarded yourself!

Alo mentor, you may shoot me with your words;

Alo mentor, you may cut me with your eyes;

Alo mentor, you may kill me with your hatefulness;

But still, like fresh air, I’ll embarrass you!

Alo mentor, with your bitter, twisted patterns;

Alo mentor, you left me subtly in the very fearful world;

But still, like dust, I’ll rise!

I’m an adamant gut, leaping and wide,

Welling and swelling I swim through the tide.

Leaving behind nights of hopelessness, terror, and fear

I rise!

I rise!!

I rise!!!

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